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Welcome dear readers! I'm Susanna Maier, I worked as a journalist for quite some time and now I work in children's book publishing. I was actually born in Austria, but I have lived in Berlin, Germany for almost all of my life. Even when I was little I was writing stories and created lots of characters in my mind. I was always telling my little siblings bedtime stories and one day my little brother said: "Why don't you write a book?". And when I discovered TJ's beautiful artwork I just had this feeling- she would be the one to make the characters from my imagination come to life!

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Hey everyone! TJ Lubrano is the name and I’m a watercolor artist and illustrator living in The Netherlands and my Imagination. I’m a self taught artist and I love to bring images to live with washes of watercolors and ink and share a bit of magic with the world. When Susanna mentioned creating a book together, I couldn't say no. Sometimes you just know when a great opportunity comes by and this is one of them. I am super excited to work on this project and to create a beautiful and colorful story with Susanna! If you want to know more about me and stay up to date with the other arty things I’m doing, please subscribe to my blogs and Facebook page.

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