Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cute Litte Animals

Hey Everyone!

TJ here! Apologies for the lack of posting. For this post, I wanted to show you some little characters I drew a while back. It was to see how cute the characters had to be, but no doubt they will change slightly to fit Migwi. We can't have a cute main character and realistic friends hehe. I will do separate post about each friend as well, where Susanna and I tell more about the character.

You know, between the holidays, organizing my admin work and finishing up my own projects, I had to set Migwi aside for bit. I'm currently thinking of a schedule to work on the Miwgi project, but balancing my time between all my projects and everyday life still proves to be difficult. It annoys me that I am not doing as much for this project as I'd like, but I can only do so much. It sucks though.

The annoyance aside, it's a slow start, but I'll show you little bits of doodles every now and then, because I know that this book will eventually be completed. So big big Thank You to the people who are following our journey already and support this little blog.

The plan is to combine the animal sketches with another project of mine, so all the sketch work won't go to 'waste'. It's quite easy to keep the focus for sketch work on only one thing, while an image can be used for more things.

This is it for now! Till next time everyone :)