Sunday, February 26, 2012

Migwi's Home Sweet Home.

Staring into the distance. Watching the sun go down.

This is a very rough idea for a bigger scene in the book. In the story an ancient tree plays a big part and it's Migwi's home and he loves it. Migwi loves his tree, where he lives with his family and to create an illustration with just him and the tree, surrounded by lots of little details would be lovely. In my head anyway haha.

So far what I will change the following in this scene: create a bigger tree with more branches and add more life in it. I really like how Migwi's color palette stand out against the greens and browns. The biggest obstacle was that it would be a big painting, but after creating this wasn't that difficult to paint at all. Bigger washes for when I need to add colors for the tree (more flooooow!! hehe) and I'll use a sponge for the leaves and then for adding the details, many tiny brushes!! It will take more time, but end result should be worth it :D

I think this is the last of the 'older sketch work', old as in drawn somewhere end 2011. I'll update with new work soon and hopefully it'll changed a bit!

Stay tuned!


  1. I always did the "tiny brushes" and my mother's jaw would hang open and she'd always ask "How did you DO that?" lol

    Your work is lovely. I kinda wanna curl up on a branch with him and watch the sunset.

    1. Hi Elisa!! Haha. That's funny :) I love working with little brushes! Thank you so much! I also want to curl up on a branch or at least be somewhere where it's warm!!


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