Monday, October 24, 2011

A Friendship and a Monkey

Welcome welcome!
This shiny new blog will document our new creative adventure and collaboration on a children’s story. But...let’s start with the ‘Who are we?’ part. We are Susanna & TJ. Some of you may TJ as the illustrator who floats around the blog, A Look in a Creative Mind and others may know Susanna from the blog Trade Your Talent and of course others may know us both. But maybe it's also fun how we got to know each other? Let's start!

One day I was looking for an artist who would like to do an interview for my blog, Trade Your Talent. This was when I stumbled upon TJ's blog" A look in a creative mind" and I basically just gaped at her beautiful header of a tree and her many colorful birds. I was so happy when she agreed to do an interview with me  for my blog and I don't even remember how it happened but we started emailing regularly. These emails just became longer and longer, sometimes we joked that we were writing novels to each other. I soon realized that TJ is always up for a creative challenge and so I decided to just go for it and ask her: "TJ, what do you think of creating a children's book together?" 
        I was really excited and nervous about her reply and when she agreed my stomach was full of happy butterflies and I couldn't believe my luck. I already had some small ideas about the story, especially because I kept thinking back to her colorful header and from this point on I knew our story would be about a monkey in the rainforest...

You know, I really had to think back and figure out when and how I met Susanna! It feels like we've been talking for much longer than just a few months! I think Susanna left a comment on my blog a few months ago and I got curious, so I visited her blog and saw she showcased Talent from all over the World! I'm not sure either how we started emailing regulary, but you know when you've found a new awesome friend! Ah yes, the emails turned into little novels, which was really cool as creative ideas are always floating around with me. When Susanna asked me to be part of a new project and she told me what it was about...I immediately said yes. I was really honored that she wanted to work with me on this project. If a few simple sentences of a story sparked so many scenes and colors in my head...something must be right about it. You know, sometimes you get ideas, but they quickly die after a didn't happen with this and I'm so excited to work with her! It's going to be a challenge to capture scenes that tell more than 1000 words, but I've no doubt that we will succeed with this. Are you guys ready to join us in the wilderness? 

Ah you never know what opportunities lurk in the World Wide Web huh? This blog will be our personal diary where we document, discuss and share everything that comes on our path until the final creation of the book and application.