Monday, February 6, 2012

Family Peek!

Hello Everyone!

It's time for snapshot!

Seriously. The difference between picture size large and x-large is too big! Do enlarge the image for better view. X-large ends up in the side bar and large is this. Doesn't make sense! Minor rant there hehe. Let's see...I drew and painted this a while back and I figured to show it to you before I start showing peeks of new art. Migwi has a mom, dad and baby sister. It's going to be interesting to draw the entire family of Migwi and giving them their own characteristics ^_^.

Hope you all had a great weekend and a great start of the week. This week is going to be really busy for me, so wish me luck!

Take care!!



  1. Such an adorable family! I love how this is progressing, Tahira!

    (Said your full name again. Tee hee!)

    1. Thank you so much, Janene! :D I wonder how it will all progress as well :D

      And you said my full name AGAIN hahaha! I wanna hear it for real one day hehe.

  2. Did you think about widening the template?

    Love the family! :)


    1. Hahahaha nooo, but I will have a play around with the template soon!

      Claire! You didn't say my full name when I saw you!!!! hehehe :D

  3. I can't believe how he is coming to life more and more! It's like he jumped out of our imagination and is having a good time without us :-) I keep staring at him, he is too cute!! And his sister!! :-)

    1. It's so exciting huh :D and you're so right! He jumped out of our imagination hahah! I'm curious how it will look in a later stage! Only one way to find huh?? (waves) xoxo


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